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Meditrav Post Care Policy

Trust is at the core of our Meditrav’s values, and we want you to feel safe, comfortable and assured that you are in expert hands. We have developed this post-care policy (the “Post-care Policy”) so you feel confident you will receive a response and a resolution if you have a complaint in connection with any medical travel organized for you by Meditrav (a “Complaint”).


This Post-care Policy forms part of the Meditrav Client Service Agreement.  The definitions set out in the Client Service Agreement are referred to in this Post-care Policy.


Also, in this policy:

  • The words “Meditrav”, “We” and “Us” and “Our” refer to Meditrav; and

  • The words “You” and “Client” refer to the Client who has agreed to the Client Service Agreement to which this Policy is annexed.


Complaints about Meditrav

Should you be dissatisfied with any of the services provided to you by Meditrav, please contact us on and we will respond to your concerns within 14 days from the date we receive your Complaint.


Complaints about your treatment or a Provider

If your Complaint is in relation to any Provider or any medical treatment or procedure (your “Treatment”), you must contact us within 3 months from the last date of your Treatment. This Complaints Policy does not apply to Complaints received after the 3-month period.

Upon receipt of your Complaint, we will attempt, wherever we reasonably can, to facilitate the resolution of your Complaint by:

  • Taking time to understand the nature of your Complaint and making a record of the details of your Complaint;

  • Directing your Complaint to the relevant Provider;

  • Providing you with the contact details for the representative of the Provider who is responsible for handling Complaints;

  • Providing reasonable support and assistance to you to facilitate a resolution with that Provider; and

  • On-forwarding any communication we receive from the Provider about your Complaint to you, so that you are kept in the loop.

  • We will endeavor to facilitate an outcome/resolution with the Service Provider within 90 days of acknowledging receipt of your Complaint.


Upon forwarding your Complaint to the relevant Provider, we will ask that Provider to undertake a review of the Complaint (a “Review”).  We imagine that that Provider as part of the Review, will consider the following matters:

  • Whether the complication is as a result of your unrealistic expectations, your previous medical history and/or any pre-existing conditions;

  • Whether or not you have followed in full the Provider’s post-operative instructions; and

  • Whether the issue is related to your Treatment and the Provider’s services or otherwise.

To promote a swift resolution to any Complaint you may have, we have asked that each Provider endeavours to provide a formal response to each Complaint within 90 days after receiving the Complaint from Meditrav.

Revision Surgery

Where the Provider is required to correct a Treatment following an internal review or investigation by the Provider, or by the findings or decision of an external body such as a court or tribunal or investigator, or where the Provider otherwise agrees to correct a Treatment (“Revision Surgery”), the following conditions will apply:

  • The Provider will perform the required Revision Surgery and you will not be charged the relevant surgeon’s fees.

  • You will be required to pay for the Provider’s theatre costs relating to the Revision Surgery.

  • To enable you to attend the Revision Surgery, we will provide return flights (for the Client only) to the original Location, provided through Meditrav’s preferred Provider for flights.

  • We will also provide complimentary hotel accommodation in the Location for the recommended time required for Revision Surgery and recovery, such length of time to be determined by the Provider of the Revision Surgery. You agree that the choice of hotel accommodation will be at the discretion of Meditrav and will be to the same or a similar standard of your accommodation during the Trip.  Any additional hotel costs, including upgrades to a higher standard or class of hotel, must be paid by you.

  • Meditrav is not responsible for any expenses for any other person, including without limitation the patient’s companion/s or family.

  • Revision Surgery must take place within 1 year of the date of your original surgery.


Exclusions for Revision Surgery

Please carefully note that Meditrav and Providers are unable to provide Revision Surgery for rhinoplasty, dental work, ode-plastery or any non-surgical procedures such as those involving injectables.

Medical Insurance

As part of our Client Service Agreement we will insist that you procure medical insurance to cover all Procedures booked by Meditrav for you.  We will be unable to move forward with any medical treatment appointments without a paid policy being in place. We request a copy of the policy or Meditrav can facilitate a policy for you through one of our preferred medical insurance partners. Please note that standard travel insurance does not cover elective medical procedures or other health/cosmetic treatments.


This Post-care Policy is subject to the following disclaimers:

  • The facilitation of the resolution of Complaints is offered as a client service only and does not constitute the admission of liability in relation to any negligent or other alleged conduct on the part of Meditrav or the Provider;

  • During the facilitation of the resolution of a dispute (or at any other time), Meditrav is not acting as an agent for the Provider or the Client;

  • Meditrav will not act as an advocate on behalf of the Client;

  • Although Meditrav takes reasonable steps to facilitate a satisfactory resolution for all Complaints, Meditrav is not able to make any warranties or guarantees that Complaints will be resolved in a satisfactory manner for all clients; and

  • Meditrav will not be responsible for translating any communications from the Provider should they not be in English.

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