Your focus is great health, ours is to take care of the rest.




Complex Case Management for Inbound Patients to Australia

Maintaining great health is everyone's priority though sometimes despite that we are diagnosed with major health challenges. Meditrav is here to walk you through your journey and share with you suggestions for high-quality healthcare. From Cardiology to Nephrology and Oncology and to Paediatrics and Urology, Meditrav will assist in facilitating an initial video / tele-consultation with one of Australia's leading specialists. Then if required, your case manager will facilitate your journey to Australia for treatment and Meditrav will be with you every step of the way.



Quality, Affordable Dental for Aussies and our International Clients

Quality affordable dental has been elusive for many. Meditrav has sourced some of the best quality and affordable dental care on the planet!


From Manila to Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and Saigon, we will facilitate your journey and take care of all the details. Appointments, travel, accommodation, transfers, we will provide a seamless experience.

Health & Wellness


A Happier, Healthier You

It's not secret that prevention is better than cure. Meditrav has sourced and curated some of the best health and wellness programs in the world. 


If you are looking for a comprehensive annual health assessment, here in Australia or or overseas talk to us. If you wish to combine it with an immersive wellness vacation, we work with some of the best healing hotels and wellness retreats in the world who will bring that spark back.



Video or Teleconference with an Australian Medical Specialist

Tired of waiting months and having to take a day of work to visit your specialist for a 10 minute consultation? We can arrange most specialist appointments, some with Medicare rebates in under 10 days for a minimum of 30 minutes and you can take the consultation on your mobile phone or laptop!

From Cardiology to Vasular surgery, Meditrav will match you up with a globally recognised specialist



Increase your Chances

Increase your chances of realising your dream of a family. With the evolution of technology since Australia delivered it's first IVF baby in 1980, now means your chances of taking home a baby from IVF is better than ever.


If you look at any classroom today, there will be at least one IVF baby. Meditrav works with Australian and Argentine world IVF specialists.

International Assurance


Piece of Mind

At Meditrav, we understand anyone considering travelling overseas for medical or dental treatment doesn't take the decision lightly.


All our medical partners have extensive experience in their chosen specialty and we are confident of their ability but they also hold internationally recognised qualifications. Though 'every body' is different, so ensuring you are covered for your medical treatments will provide you piece of mind

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